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Hey everyone,

Thanks for checking out my blog.  

I hope you have all enjoyed looking through everything that my book blog has to offer. 

Now is your chance to let me what you think. All comments welcome, however bad language will not be tolerated, which means your post will not be approved.

Come on, I would love to hear from you. Is there something you wand me to add/change/get rid of? Is there some reviews that you agree/ don't agree with and want to get your point access?

Well this is your chance to do JUST that!

All comments welcome! I am also looking for ways to improve my blog, so please let me know your thoughts, HERE!!!

Well I hope you all enjoy your day, I look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Of course, KEEP READING!!
                                             - Ailsa (ABookworm4Life) 

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First off, I want to take the time to Thank both Megan Mitcham (the author of Base Branch Series) and Xpresso Book Tours, I am proud to inform you that you can now ENTER (for FREE) to Win a copy of 'Enemy Mine' - Book One from the 'Base Branch Series'.

Visit both the 'Book Tours' and  'Competitions/Giveaway' pages for full details, but I am pleased to say you can now enter via this  Page!!

"How to go about entering here?"

All you need to do is leave me a message/comment about my blog or the Megan Mitcham/Xpresso - 'Justice Mine' Book Tour, but DON'T FORGET to add this message if you are wanting to enter to win a ebook copy of 'Enemy Mine' - The message to post is as follows:
                        'I want to Win Mine'

Remember, there are other ways for you to enter this competition and of course don't forget to visit the 'Competitions/Giveaways' page for full details on entering to get your hands on an Amazon Gift Card.

Please Note:

1)The Amazon Gift Card is only available through the links shown on the 'Competitions/Giveaways' page and CANNOT be entered any other way! This competition must end 3rd February 2015!

2) The competition for an e-book copy of 'Enemy Mine' will be ending on the 22nd February 2015! You can enter via various social media networks and for the full list and information, check out 'Competitions/Giveaways' page now!

         Enjoy, Good Luck to all! and of course KEEP READING!!!

<![CDATA[         Competition Comments.]]>Mon, 17 Nov 2014 00:20:37 GMThttp://ailsahindhaughabookworm4life.weebly.com/book-forum/competition-commentsPicture
   Blood Chained by Eden Ashley.

I would love to hear from all that have entered. Tell me what you like to read and why. For you chance to win this fab book.

               Good luck to all. 

And as always.....

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Welcome everyone to my book blog.
Here is your chance to let me know what you think of my blog, what you think should be included, what can be improved and what you like about it.
I would love for you to introduce yourselves to my blog and start your own discussions on books.